Following the huge success since its opening in December last year, Songwat’s bustling beef noodle spot Rongklannuea has brought its beef expertise to Yaowarat, which will stay open until late. 
Fans of Rongklannuea can expect crowd-pleasing dishes like their braised beef noodle, from B95 for the regular option to B250 for its emperor braised beef, complete with braised beef, beef balls, sliced tenderloins, tendons, and beef tongues—all topped with sweet chili oil and crisp garlic.
The new highlight, however, is the mouth-watering braised beef hotpot (B595), which is perfect for sharing among 4-5 people. It’s a medley of all things beef—the best parts—and their crispy patongo dough. 
The owner also tells BK that the Yaowarat branch will later introduce the bao zai fan, Hong Kong’s claypot rice, featuring piping hot ingredients and a crispy base. 
The Yaowarat branch will be open daily from noon to 10pm. However, once they settle in, the operating hours will shift to 5pm-10pm instead. For most updated information, follow Instagram: @rongklannuea.
17 Phadung Dao Rd, Samphanthawong. Open daily noon-10pm.