When The Rolling Pinn whips up a dessert, it’s usually over-the-top, from the ridiculously extra packaging to the luscious flavors. But, hey, we aren’t complaining.
Now that mooncake season has arrived, the viral sensation bakery is making the traditional treats for the first time. But these are nothing like your typical mooncakes. 
The Rolling Pinn’s chewy, mochi-based mooncakes come in sets of six creative flavors: Creme de la Creme (vanilla custard lava), Kyoto Kraze (matcha white chocolate), That’s Amore (British rose tea with Valrhona strawberry white chocolate), Afternoon Tea (Earl Grey with dark chocolate chunks and caramel flakes), Lily Lovin’ (lotus seed, egg yolk, and macadamia nut), and Dark Night (sweet dark sesame paste with salted egg yolk lava). All are gluten-free, too.
The mooncake sets are now available for pre-order (B688; normal price B788) via Line, Instagram, or their website.
All images via The Rolling Pinn / Facebook