Don’t panic if your favorite places are closed because of the coronavirus outbreak. Thanks to these online-only bakeries, you can have your chocolate lava cake and eat it, too, right in the comfort of your own home.   



โพสต์ที่แชร์โดย SUN'S DESSERT (@sun.dessert) เมื่อ

Credit: IG@sun.dessert

Sun’s Dessert

Best known for its Basque cheesecake (B700/pound) with burnt caramel on top and a creamy texture, this decadent dessert comes from pastry chef Pathapon “Sun” Kanjanawuttisit, a competitor on Sweet Chef Thailand season one. The latest must-try dishes include the Smiley Banoffee (B350), made of homemade cookie crunch, salted caramel bananas, vanilla mascarpone cream and French cocoa powder.
IG: sun.dessert, 092-991-5415



โพสต์ที่แชร์โดย The Pastry&Co. (@thepastryandco) เมื่อ

Credit: IG@thepastryandco

The Pastry & Co.

Started by a college student who so loved baking that she took a pastry course in France, this online store has now garnered 65.4K followers on Instagram. Her signatures are the too-cute-to-eat customized cupcakes, but don’t miss the seasonal treats like the mayong chit (plum mango) choux (B500/four pieces), cheese tarts (B1,350) and soft rolls (B650 small/B1,200 large).
IG: thepastryandco, 084-553-9993


Credit: IG@ivanfactory

Ivan Factory

You can almost smell the durian rising out of this feed. Ivan Factory finds the best selection of monthong, the golden pillow durian, to bake into creamy and buttery cheesecakes (B150 cup/B490 box/B890 one pound/B1,600 two pounds). In the middle, you’ll find big chunks of durian before hitting the crunchy crumble on the bottom. Note: they also offer half-sugar cheesecakes.
IG: ivanfactory, 086-4949-365


Credit: IG@peaktellers


Brace yourself: these chocolate lava brownies are absolutely decadent. Choose from a variety of toppings and flavors, including Ovaltine, Nutella, Oreos and M&Ms (B250 six pieces/B350 nine pieces/B440 12 pieces). The crunchy brownies are baked with zero trans-fat, less sugar and less flour, so you can feel a little less guilty about eating the whole pan. You can also order soft cookies with fun toppings like Oreos, Nutella and Milo (B250/five pieces with random toppings).
IG: peaktellers, Line: @peaktellers



โพสต์ที่แชร์โดย The Rolling Pinn by Pinnjan (@therollingpinn) เมื่อ

Credit: IG@therollingpinn

The Rolling Pinn by Pinnjan

The ultimate chocolate cookie, Cup C (B150), comes with toasted walnuts, sea salt and big chocolate chunks baked together—crunchy but gooey. Don’t miss their addictive fudgy French chocolate brownies (B40 single/B360 9 pieces), made with three choices of flavors: Nutella, dark chocolate and red velvet.
IG: therollingpinn, Line: @therollingpinn, 061-428-4555



โพสต์ที่แชร์โดย LANOBELLE' (@lanobelle) เมื่อ

Credit: IG@lanobelle


The hottest order is the low-sugar Hokkaido fresh cream milk bread (B750/six pieces). Other top cuts include the lemon meringue tart (B575/four pieces), hazelnut butter soft cookies (B525/six) and sea salt caramel soft cookies (B525/six).
IG: lanobelle, Line: @lanobelle



โพสต์ที่แชร์โดย Kam-La-Moon (@kamlamoon2017) เมื่อ

Credit: IG@kamlamoon2017


Kam-La-Moon’s Thai snack, look chup, is made with a special recipe. The chewy treats, designed in cute shapes like small fish, eggs and meatballs, have a smooth texture and not-too-sweet flavor. You can order them as an afternoon snack or buy them as a gift. (B1,190/10-inch basket; B790/eight-inch basket)
IG: kamlamoon2017, 089-889-9696


Credit: IG@baansom_kanomsuay

BaanSom Kanomsuay

It doesn’t get much more authentic than this. Choose from Thai snacks, including khanom tien (sweet, stuffed dough pyramids), khanom puifai (steamed cupcakes), khanom tuay foo (steamed muffins) and more. The signature dish, however, shatters any notion of authenticity: mango sticky rice crepe rolls (B185 10 pieces/B500 30 pieces/B1,000 62 pieces).
IG: baansom_kanomsuay, 096-551-9963