What if we told you that you can support local farmers and provide meals for vulnerable people simply by eating cookies? 

Community Cookies is an initiative dreamt up by Fin Wine’s Lily Nuttiya Wisootsat. It sees her whip organic ingredients sourced from Bo.lan’s network of small-scale local farmers and Thai craft chocolatier Kad Kokoa into delicious brown butter, sea salt and dark chocolate chunk cookies (priced at B330 per box of six or B900 for three boxes).

Feeding back into the system, proceeds from the cookies are then used to purchase more ingredients from the farmers, which are utilized in meals cooked by Haoma and 100 Mahaseth to be donated to healthcare workers and vulnerable people during the crisis. One cookie equates to one meal.

A limited number of cookies is available for delivery every Saturday and Sunday—order in advance (before Thursday 6pm each week) by contacting Lily on Line or WhatsApp (081-402-6664).


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