Remember all the drama over that B150 pad krapao? It ain't got nothing on these.

Krapao wagyu at Osha (B1,500)


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Kai jeaw poo (crab omelet) at Je Fai (B800), Mahachai Road


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Tom yum taraba (king crab) at Vivarium (B2,500) 


Four Seasons duck curry at The Never Ending Summer (B950)


Pla tod nam pla takrai (deep-fried fish) at Nahm (B750)


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Love Boat raad na (noodles in gravy) at Pae Raad Na (B7,000)


Jumbo yentafo (pink noodle soup) at Pol Guay Teaw Bolan (B800)


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Pad Thai lobster at Mango Tree on the River (B2,980)


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Mama Oho (Mama noodles with crabmeat) at Jeh O (B800)


Khaomungai Giant at Sri Lueang Pochana (B500) 


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Joke Jom Palung (Mighty Congee) at Joke Jom Palung (B400)


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Jul 23, 2015 at 6:13am PDT


And the Chiao Narok (Almost Hell) noodles at its predecessor Bamee Jom Palung (B700)


Guay teaw tom yum kung (prawn noodles) by Pee Aor (B699-B2,000)


Somtam taad at Somtam Der (B280)


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