Haoma’s "close-to-zero-waste" restaurant has grown up fast since opening in 2017. While the concept remains the same—chef-owner Deepanker Khosla tries to source everything as close to Bangkok as possible, or otherwise actually grow or rear it on site—this latest B2,590 tasting menu shows a clarity and understanding of flavors and textures that's pushing Bangkok dining into new, delicious realms.

There are 13 courses. Many see Deepanker working the ingredients grown in his reastaurant-garden, like texture bombs of corn kernels and oyster tartare palced atop crackers and wrapped in gelatine.

Others riff off juicy proteins, like a plate of wagyu beef paired with fermented buckwheat, or fish raised in on-site tanks served with "lettuce cream" with beer batter and sweet potato.

For dessert, sous chef Tarun Bhatia has created a lusciously rich, Oreo-inspired ice cream that with a light sprinkle of cookie crumbs.

You can also take a smaller, nine-course menu at B1,990 per person.  

231/3 Sukhumvit Soi 31, 2-258-4744. Open Tue-Sun from 6-11pm (closed Mon).