Vegetarians and vegans are no longer pariahs at the fine-dining table, at least not at modern European restaurant Mia. Throughout October, the restaurant will serve diners a wholesome, eight-course vegan tasting menu (B2,150) to celebrate Thailand’s vegetarian festival. Expect dishes like cauliflower served three ways with bergamot, grapes, and green curry velouté; avocado cream with bell pepper sorbet and tomato consommé; and artichokes with miso and seaweed vinaigrette. Can’t make it this month? Rest assured that Mia caters to vegetarians and vegans all the time, too. Chayanit Itthipongmaetee
30 Attha Kawi Soi 1, 02-258-6745

Bell pepper sorbet with tomato consommé


Coconut petit four


Purple shiso sorbet (all photos: Mia)