Appia's Creamy and Classic Cake

The recipe for this dessert has been passed down to Appia's chef Paulo Vitalleti from his own mother, ensuring that the tiramisu is as authentic as it gets. The tiramisu (B290) here doesn't stray from tradition and proves that new isn't always better. 

20/4 Sukhumvit Soi 31, 02-261-2056

Peppina's Boozy Delight

At first glance this might look like a tall glass of mascarpone, but there's much more to Peppina's cake than that. Dig to the bottom of this dish and you'll discover the secret to the dish. The ladyfingers are soaked in alcohol, but the flavor isn't at all overwhelming. 

27/1 Sukhumvit Soi 33, 02-119-7677

Sun Street Panini's Lightly Lemon-y Tiramisu

These Tuscan-inspired recipes come from the mind of Italian chef Spartak "Luca" Gjoni. Hailing from Florence this chef makes everything himself, including his wickedly tasty tiramisu (B105) that has the faintest hint of citrus that makes for an interesting bite. 

Phra Athit Rd. 082-454-8884

Ciao Terrazza's Defining Dish

Ciao's tiramisu (B290) is their signature dessert offering. With the perfect ratio of marscarpone to ladyfingers to coffee-chocolate, the dish is pretty much the definition of what good tiramisu should be. The adorable presentation is also a nice touch. 

Mandarin Oriental Bangkok, 48 Charoenkrung Soi 40, 02-659-9000