The Food School Bangkok has been bringing a lot of talent to the city this year, and on June 20 diners and wannabe chefs will have the chance to get up-close-and-personal with primo talent for six days. 
The events, brought by Climb Workz, features chefs from Japan, Malaysia, Israel, Australia, and Thailand hosting classes, workshops, and tastings from June 20-25 focusing on a different aspect of Japanese cuisine. 
The first event on June 20 is the “Sip and Savor” for all you sake and sushi fans out there. With sushi from Chef Makoto Saito Sam, diners pair their dishes with five different types of sake, and there is a sushi-making workshop with five chefs later in the day. 
For the proper foodie, the most sought-after event will be June 21-22, for the “Sushi Summit: An Omakase Date with Elite Chefs” priced at B12,500 per person per session. Running three sessions a day for two days, the courses will be overseen by Chefs Makoto Saito Sam, Chef Hiroyuki Sato, Chef Rio Suehiro, Chef Eddie Ng, and Chef Shimpei Hatanaka.
Then, it’s izakaya and rice wine on Friday, matcha and bluefin tuna on Saturday, followed by a Kaizeki and Kappo Sunday brunch for a full week of Japanese dining treats. 
Other chefs featured in the classes and tastings include Chef Masato Shimizu from Bangkok’s one-Michelin star Sushi Masato, Chef Randy Noprapa from Bangkok’s innovative Fillets restaurant, and Chef Tomoki Sasada behind Sasada Omakas.
Taking place at The Food School with adult beverages from Sake Seeker, the six days of feasting and learning are bought by the class, starting at B2,000 for the “Isaan-Izakaya and Sake Revelry” workshop. 
The Food School Bangkok just off Rama 4 began offering courses in October last year, and is a collaboration between the ALMA Culinary Institute, TSUJI Culinary Institute, and Dusit Thani College.

More and updated information on the event can be found at the event’s booking site.