Bangkok’s Chinese spots, from Yaowarat to Songwat, are gearing up for Lunar New Year, which kicks off on Feb 10. With the Year of the Dragon upon us, BK hunted down some interesting cafes for you to try to celebrate with friends and family—or maybe you just need a change of scenery. 

Ba Hao Tian Mi

Photo: Ba Hao Tian Mi / Facebook
You might know this cafe from its iconic jaded arch entrance at the Yaowarat branch , a check-in spot for many Instagrammers. Ba Hao Tian Mi has been sprouting up at malls across the city, giving something a little different in each venue. But it’s not just the aesthetics, their famous puddings, drinks, and toasts are what keep the customers coming back. We recommend the bouncy black sesame pudding (B118) and the pork floss toast with egg yolk custard (B188) for a fulsome sharing experience.
8, Phadung Dao Rd., 097 995 4543. Open daily 10am-10pm (Yaowarat Branch).

Xin Xin

Photo: Xin Xin / Facebook
Found at Galile Oasis, a hotel and creative community space, Xin Xin stands out with its retro decor. Inside, it's all green tiles and red lanterns, adding to the atmospheric vibe with some vintage wooden furniture and a Chinese medicine cabinet. Starting from B155, you get herbal Taiwanese soft sorbet at just the right amount of sweetness. Toppings include glutinous Thai dessert “bua loi”, red beans, mashed tarots, lotus roots, grass jellies, and more. They also have a unique selection of tea like the raspberry chestnut (B85), which harmonize with the smokey and syrupy flavors.
535-32, Soi Rong Rian King Phet, 065 632 2646. Open Wed-Mon 12-8:30pm.

Heiji Bangkok

Photo: Heiji Bangkok / Facebook
At Heiji Bangkok, the Thai-Chinese community of Charoenkrung runs through the veins of the venue. With rustic bare brick walls, folding doors, and emerald ceilings, the elements are sure to transport you to a vintage China. Their diverse range of drinks and sweet and savory dishes keep guests at the venue until closing. Highlights include the satisfyingly crunchy pork and veggie Chinese spring rolls (B150) and the French financier with kumquat sauce (B150) served with an in-house marmalade.
415, Charoen Krung Rd., 062 709 4545. Open Tues-Sun 9am-6pm.


Photo: Gimbocha / Facebook
Located near BACC (Bangkok Art and Culture Centre), this cozy tea house feels like it could be one of those regular hangout spots in a sitcom. Personalized cups, board games, and a comfy sofa—it’s an escape from the wilds of the Sukhumvit. Starting off with the signature house blend Grandma’s 8 Flowers (B80) made from Chinese tea with added sweetness from stevia, don’t forget their revolving creations of homemade dessert like the signature black sesame almond mochi wrapped in white chocolate (B90). 
36, Kasemsan Soi 1,086 998 0330. Open Fri-Wed 11:30am-7pm.


Photo: Qilin / Facebook

This antique furniture store is filled to the brim with whimsy and knick knacks. It serves as the ideal backdrop for an ancient tea room theme. The delectables and drinks are served in classic plate sets while the menu itself could fall out of a storybook page. One of the most darling of the bunch is the goldfish tang yuan (B260). The tiny little swimmers are made of glutinous rice, served on a pond of soy milk pudding and topped with some mini sized lily pad and florals. 
1862, Maitri Chit Rd., 089-128-6215. Open Wed-Mon 11am-7pm.

Casa Formosa

Photo: Casa Formosa / Facebook
At Casa Formosa, it’s not just about authentic Taiwanese tea but imparting the rich culture behind it. Keep an eye out for their semi-regular seasonal tea and Chinese art workshop. On a regular visit, guests can enjoy a variety of oolong tea experiences made from 100% Taiwanese imported tea leaves. The signature 1869 oolong (B150) is a good place to start. Its sweet flavors and caramel aroma are the perfect starter for non tea drinkers. Pair the piping hot drink with some sweets like the pineapple tarts (B90) or the equally enticing red bean egg yolk buns (B90). 
470, Vanich 1 Rd., 099 627 5359. Open daily 10am-6pm.

Teaory Tea house

Photo: Teaory Tea House / Facebook
Listed in BK’s best cafe and restaurants to get breakfast in 2023, this Taiwanese tea house is decked out in timeless and minimalist decor that immediately relaxes and shuts you off from the outside world. For drinks, go for their “cloudy” line up which consists of ice tea topped with fresh in-house cream cheese. Don’t miss out on the luxurious Japanese layered uji matcha cheesecake (B159) or the famous stretchy sesame milk mochi (B119) made from an authentic Taiwanese recipe. 
137, Soi Sathu Pradit 6, Open Mon-Fri 9am-6pm; Sat-Sun 10am-6pm.

Feng Zhu

Photo: Feng Zhu / Facebook
Feng Zhu, the bodega-like restaurant, has been garnering attention since its pandemic opening. This petite shop exclusively sells gyoza. Its charm lies in the simplistic yet intriguing formula of flavors like the original pork with chives, five mushrooms, mala, Thai herbs and dry northern style braised pork curry (gaeng hunglay). Each piece is priced at B12 and toppings start from B4. On beverages, they have a chilled sugary white gourd drink (B50) and honey infused Chinese herbal drinks (B50).
Charoen Krung 30, 062-264-4661. Open daily 11am-7pm.


Photo credit : Fakafei/ Facebook
Inspired by a Chinese tavern, this am to pm operation is pouring everything from coffee, tea, non alcoholic and alcoholic bevs to pair with some sweet and savory nibbles. Fakafei’s mocktails underpin the unique characteristics of the base ingredients. For instance, in the oolong kauai le (B150), the tea is infused with yuzu to achieve a refreshingly sweet and tangy profile. Their homemade yin yang ice cream (B160) is a masterclass in balancing the intensity of black sesame with the mild soy milk flavors. This multi-storey venue also provides an open space for your furry friends to run around. 
99 Chaloemkhet Rd, 091 462 4542, Tues-Sun 10:30am-6:30pm


Photo credit : Jin Ling / Facebook
The hybrid cafe and bar on top of Seenspace Thonglor picked up stylistic elements from retro Chinese inns, complete with collectable vintage furniture and elegant ceiling lanterns. The food menu is a fusion of Chinese and Laotian cuisine. The star-shaped dumplings (B160) are steamed and stuffed with chili infused pork and shrimp fillings. The sweets also take the cake, especially the Hong Kong style jin bun (B90) with generous and aromatic cream cheese oozing out of each bite.
2F, Seen Space Thonglor, 251/1 Thonglor 13, Shukhumvit 55, 091-728-0013, Open Mon 12-10pm, and Tues-Sun 12-9pm,