From Bavarian brews to tiki cocktails: what to drink and where in Bangkok’s most-happening neighborhood.

Schneider Haus 

What makes it worth traveling to Ari for: The garden and spacious home make a refreshing, residential change from converted shop-houses. Also, the good stuff from Bavaria’s Schneider weisse.
How it looks: Classical and polished, like visiting your modest-but-rich friend who still lives with his parents.
Who goes there: Appreciators of German fare who are not ready to pony up for Suhring.
What you drink: Schneider beer, which starts at B140 for a glass of Mein Helle Weisse.
What music they play: Live acoustic performers and coffee-shop popsanova
Ari Samphan Soi 4, 098-426-9456. Open daily 5-11:45pm



What makes it worth traveling to Ari for: Always abuzz, this merry bar’s a great match for small groups out for a fun, casual evening downing craft beers.
How it looks: Faux-Irish pub but without the sexpats.
Who goes there: Craft beer-chugging hipsters and the after-work crowd following football.
What you drink: The owners’ favorite craft beer: Deschutes Inversion IPA (B215). Try the Rekorderlig Strawberry-Lime cider (B255) if you’re into that sort of thing.
What music they play: Old pop-rock stuff to an accompaniment of TV football.
Ari Soi 1, 02-619-5354. Open Mon-Sat 5:30pm-midnight


Dok Kaew House Bar

What makes it worth traveling to Ari for: The very spicy Thai food and the ghost stories.
How it looks: A Thai-style wooden house right out of the Rama 6 era.
Who goes there: Thais too cool to be caught drinking homebrews in a regular bar.
What you drink: Homebrew craft beer. The Nher Weizen’s a good place to begin (B180).
What music they play: Wild Nothing and other stuff you were shoegazing to in 2013.
71 Rama 6 Soi 28, 096-886-4104. Open daily 5pm-midnight


Tacochela by Mikkeller

What makes it worth traveling to Ari for: The shrimp tacos (B50 off on Tuesdays).
How it looks: Thai house done up in punchy Dia de los Muertos style.
Who goes there: Mikkeller customers venturing out from Ekkamai and expats out for a chill meal.
What you drink: Mikkeller. The Fruit Fake is B320, or get the beer tasting flight of four 100ml glasses for B460. Margaritas are a mere B150 on Tuesdays.
What music they play: EDM club-bangers
Ari Samphan Soi 1, 02-101-4962. Open Tue-Thu 5-11pm; Fri-Sat 5pm-midnight




What makes it worth traveling to Ari for: It’s like Sathorn’s bunker on a smaller budget.
How it looks: Industrial to a brutalist, raw-concrete and glass-walls extreme.
Who goes there: Beautiful scenesters who enjoy dining in a fishbowl.
What you drink: Cocktails, beer or wine—they have it all (wine starts at B1,500/bottle)
What music they play: Popsanova, house and ‘80s hits.
Ari Soi 4, 02-619-6886. Open daily 5pm-midnight



What makes it worth traveling to Ari for: Checking out Tropic City’s tropical competition.
How it looks: Tiki hut meets Florida Keys meets dark Ari back alley.
Who goes there: 20-something Thais recreating beach vibes with floral-print shirts, sandals and ripped jeans.
What you drink: Tiki cocktails, of course (priced around B300).
What music they play: Ukulele stuff (shocking!), which is replaced by deep-house as the night wears on.
Ari Soi 4, 02-075-0939. Open daily 5pm-midnight


Aaari Ba Bar

What makes it worth traveling to Ari for: Your friends live in Ari and insist on a cheap drink.
How it looks: Plasticky and small.
Who goes there: Ari late-nighters. And by late we mean midnight.
What you drink: Black Label (B100) or a big bottle of Leo (B110).
What music they play: Mainstream Thai and 107 FM.
36/6 Phaholyothin Soi 7 (Ari), 02-279-7660. Open daily 5pm-midnight


Jim’s Burgers and Beers

What makes it worth traveling to Ari for: Bigger-than-your-face burgers and craft beers in serving sizes to match.
How it looks: Cramped and brick-walled. Just don’t move once you’re finally seated.
Who goes there: Ari’s burger lovers who don’t mind eating elbow-to-elbow.
What you drink: Craft beer served in one-litre glasses (Weihenstephan Vitus, B550).
What music they play: You are too excited about their burger menu, you don’t care.
Ari Samphan Soi 3, 02-000-9598, 085-660-8880. Open Tue-Sun 5pm-midnight


Sofia’s Room

What makes it worth traveling to Ari for: The after-hours cocktail pop-up that turns a neighborhood cafe into an intimate, library-like hangout.
How it looks: The Mad Hatter’s tea party plus booze.
Who goes there: Alternative regulars who wouldn’t be caught dead on Thonglor. Also, film and music industry types unwinding after work.
What you drink: The signature Fei Fei (B250) or a very dry martini (B200). 
What music they play: Indie hipster.
1/F, Sahamongkol International, 55 Paholyothin Soi 2, 087-830-0097. Open Mon 6pm-1am; Wed 6pm-1am; Fri 6pm-1am


Aree Bar

What makes it worth traveling to Ari for: You crave a back-to-basics night out that doesn’t involve craft beer or craft cocktails. 
How it looks: Like a party barn thanks to oversized wooden stools and tables, and generous use of brick.
Who goes there: Runoff from Salt looking for somewhere more conducive to drinking late into the night.
What you drink: A bottle of whiskey to share around or something fancy like, um, Stella. 
What music they play: Thai rock on the more commercial end of the scale, whether live or selected by a dude behind a MacBook.
Ari Soi 4, 061-542-5535. Open daily 5pm-midnight