This track of the week is two and a half minutes of teenage angst.

Bangkok-based, English-singing indie rock band Penny Time are reviving the grunge scene with their new track "I Wanna."  

The band's fourth single, released along with a '90s skate video-evoking music clip, is two and a half minutes of teenage angst, with lyrics in the vein of: "I’ll kiss you, I’ll do you and hate you again." Despite this, it strikes you at your rocker core, waking up the headbanging instinct you thought you had left behind. The last 40 seconds of drums and guitar are especially satisfying, and more than enough to compensate for the angry teenage stuff.

Despite their youth, these indie-rockers have been plugging away on the Bangkok scene for a couple years now. Their previous singles—“Conversating” and “For Her”—shot up Cat Radio’s Cat 30 chart, and prompted us to name them one of 2017's bands to watch, through a combination of driving guitars, heartfelt lyrics, deceptively simple melodies, and frontman Daniel Didyasarin’s kooky star power. "I Wanna" looks to be a thrilling continuation of that.  

Hear more from them at the official promo event at new live venue De Commune in December (date TBA). In the meantime, give Penny Time’s "I Wanna" a try: