We put locally brewed IPA beers to a blind taste test. 

Lamzing Saur Ground IPA, ABV 6.1% BK PICK!

With its fruity and hoppy aroma, this was the hands-down winner (with the exception of one dissenting writer). Some might find it too bitter, or maybe too simple, but we liked its light body and smooth, citrusy, summery flavor­—a beer we could order again and again.
Price: B200 at bars and supermarkets citywide

Devanom Ippo Pale Ale, ABV 6.2% RUNNER UP

From the Ungsriwong brothers, who have been experimenting with growing hops themselves, comes this well-balanced beer with a woody, vanilla and coffee finish. This brew won the Beer Camp: Fightclub 2016 competition, organized by Yaksa Brewery. A couple of tasters objected to the hint of saltiness, but the one writer who disliked the Lamzing found this drink, with its many characters, more agreeable.
Price: B200 at Dog Step (The Beacon Place, Sukhumvit Soi 50, 094-695-4619) or B210 on tap at Mash (Soi Convent, 089-692-5666)

Bootleg Brothers Peek a Brew IPA NEW

A newcomer to the Thai craft beer market, this three-month-old brew  came recommended by Ruan Lim, owner of Bottles of Beer and Bottles of Booze. A few tasters described it as a “real IPA” for its rich amber color and bracing bitterness. It has a heady, mixed-fruit aroma and a salty complexity.
Price: B207 at Bottles of Beer (Sukhumvit Soi 34, 02-040-0473)

Happy New Beer IPA, ABV 6.7% YUCK!

According to Ted Ahn, owner of Changwon Express, this IPA is the all-time favorite of Thai customers. We found it monolithically bitter, lacking the compromising fruitiness and complexity of the other brews on our list. Here’s a pick for the bitter IPA purists, but we prefer something with a more diverse profile.
Price: B200 at bars and supermarkets citywide

Full Moon Chatri IPA, ABV 5.2%

From one of the earliest breweries on the Thai craft beer scene comes a beer with wide appeal and recognition. It’s a lighter gold than the others on the list, is only mildly bitter and goes down too easy. As one taster put it, “It’s a craft beer for those new to craft beers,” which is to say, nothing about it stands out.
Price: B200 at bars and supermarkets citywide

Soon-tree-ya, ABV 8%

Our nightlife writer stumbled upon this homebrew at Dog Step and more or less fell in love. The rest of us were less enamored. For an IPA, it’s not bitter at all, and has a ferment-y savoriness that gets up your nose. It tastes like it was brewed with tap water, and despite its sweetness has an aroma that’s all alcohol.
Price: B200 at Dog Step (The Beacon Place, Sukhumvit Soi 50, 094-695-4619)

All beers tasted blind by BK staff. We were going to include Sandport but, at the time of writing, it was sold out nationwide. 

BK Asks

Beer Pros Pick their Favorite Thai IPAs

Ruan Lim, owner of Bottles of Beer and Bottles of Booze
“The Bootleg Brothers Peek a Brew IPA. I think it’s easy to drink, flavorful and, most of all, consistent in terms of taste and quality.”
Phapananya “Kaimook” Asawisaraporn, owner of Dog Step
“Outlaw. The body, texture and aroma are so well balanced and the beer is consistently of high quality.”
Jaradwan Amratisha, owner of O’Glee
“Eleventh Fort because the hops smell very nice and it’s well balanced. This is an easy drinking beer for all occasions.”
 Ted Ahn, owner of Changwon Express
“Happy New Beer IPA. It’s also our Thai customers’ all-time favorite as they love the slightly fruity, not-too-bitter taste.”