Elegant and affordable. 

The buzz: The much-anticipated, garden rooftop of 2017’s hottest new hotel, Park Hyatt, is finally open as part of the three-floor Penthouse Bar + Grill.

The decor: Located at the tip-top of the hotel, this elegant space is necessarily exclusive, only able to accommodate 80 guests. What will immediately catch your eye (and perhaps confuse you) is the bar counter. In a reversal of standard service, the bartenders here craft the drinks with their backs to you. It’s disconcerting at first, but goes well with the vertigo. The seating arrangements are divided into traditional dining tables, hewn of dark wood, or bar-style armchairs with coffee tables. The 36th-floor view holds up against the city’s best rooftop bars, looking out at the skyline in one direction and back onto the Nai Lert House and the British Embassy in the other.

The drinks: The rooftop has its own signature menu of four sophisticated cocktails (all B360), but you’re free to order from the grill and bar below, too. The same goes with the wine list—127 labels of it (from B340/glass)—meaning there’s no reason not to pass the sunset at this open-air spot. Our favorite is the Le Pierriot cocktail, made of Cointreau, lemon, a red wine reduction, Thomas Henry tonic and Pernod, which adds a satisfying twist to a very smooth drink.

The food: Snacks off the Grill’s menu. They’re not unaffordable, considering the ambiance, with the hummus and pita bread going for B240, the beef tartar for B360 and the panko prawns with wasabi mayo for B580.

The crowd: A medley of tourists and upper-class types with an air of being accustomed to life’s finer things.

Why you should care: The three floors of this venue come together in the very definition of elegance. Everything is perfectly calibrated: design, menu and service. On top of which, it’s affordable, making it one of our new favorite bars.

Penthouse Bar + Grill Rooftop, 36/F, Park Hyatt, 88 Wireless Rd., 02-012-1234. Open daily 5:30pm-midnight. BTS Phloen Chit