The masterminds behind Mahanakhon beer and Let The Boy Die craft beer bar are launching a fresh, new lager that could shake up the local brewing scene. 

Part of Sivilai's appeal is the price: retailing for B69, it's around B100 cheaper than most Thai craft beers on the market. 

“Most local craft beers that we know happen to be rather expensive for a number of reasons, but primarily because of a lack of scale in production,” Avi Yashaya, one of the partners, told us. “We started Sivilai with the same batch volume as our sister beer Mahanakhon, and that label has been growing steadily for over four years now.”

As a refreshingly, crisp lager with only 5% ABV, Sivilai is the kind of beer you could drink any time of day without getting totally hammered straight away. It's produced in Vietnam. 

Sivilai is now available at various bars around Bangkok like Changwon Express (both Petchaburi and Flow House branches), Mash, Mikkeller Ari, The Fat Cow, The Beer Cap, Craft Room Sathorn, Nineteens Up and Wishbeer, though prices a little higher than B69.

You'll soon be able to get it at retail prices in supermarkets like Tops, Central, Foodland, Makro and Villa Market.