Let The Boy Die

The Old Town beer-geek haven is back. 

The buzz: After a nearly-two year absence from the scene, one of Thailand’s pioneering craft beer bars is reborn with more beer, more food and all of the old charm. It’s also kept its unique name, taken from a Game of Thrones quote—“Kill the boy and let the man be born”—and meant to symbolize the bar's position operating on the fringes of legality.

The decor: The style here plays to the quirky, down-to-earth crowd, with exposed brick and concrete walls, Edison bulbs and chalkboards. There’s also a painting of a jolly skeleton family sitting down to a feast, a good representation of the bar’s own bonhomie. All the tables are long and Tetrissed together, so either you come with a big group or you can expect to be sitting down with one.

The drinks: The expanded bar has 12 rotating taps to the former place’s six, with all genres of craft beer represented. Still, Let the Boy Die skews towards home-brews, an affinity familiar to regulars of their BYOB (Bring Your Own Beer) event, where new home-brewers are invited to bring their beers for other bar-goers to taste. The man behind the beer menu is Pieak Pipattanaphon, who’s also the founder of Golden Coins beer (and Golden Coins Taproom in Ekkamai). We recommend the Golden Coins Happy Stout (B180), which uses chestnuts for a smooth and smoky flavor. Lovers of tropical IPAs go for the Hop Hog Handsome Hog (B220).

The food: Time to introduce another partner, Peerawat “Por” Ruangroengkulrit, owner of The Commons’ Meat & Bones, which handles the food here. The Beef Ribs (B530) is cow hip and ribs smoked for eight-hours and accompanied by three sauces: Meat & Bones’s signature barbeque sauce, a pungent and fiery mustard sauce and an extra smoky sauce that pairs well with a strong stout. For bar bites, try the smoked pork sausages (B260) or the smoked pork neck (B200) that comes with nam jim jaew.

The crowd: Friendly locals who become stern-faced when talking the subtleties of craft beer.

Why you should care: It’s more of everything that made the old place good: laid-back regulars, local brews and spicy bar grub. Plus, here’s your chance to patronize one of the local beer scene’s biggest champions.

Venue Details
Address: Let The Boy Die, 542 Luang Rd., Bangkok, Thailand
Phone: 099-493-9909
Area: Yaowarat (Chinatown)
Open since: December, 2017
Opening hours: daily 4-11pm
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