Sathorn’s agave-spirit-focused bar Mezcal recently unveiled its new menu, paying homage to the visionary English poet William Blake and his most influential collection: “Songs of Innocence and Songs of Experience” published in 1789. 
Here, like Blake’s works, the drinks are divided into two parts: the innocence that mirrors the vibrancy of youth—rich, powerful, and strong—and experience—dark, mellow tastes, the fruits of patience.
Start with the Sweet Sleep (B520) featuring mezcal fat-washed with brown butter and blended with vermouth and cognac—richly sweet yet savory. Another intriguing drink, The Lost Little Boy, (B380) sees cacao husk mezcal mixed with Amaro Montenegro, Laphoraig, and clarified milk.
Mezcal hit the Bangkok scene in September last year, bringing with it a fresh take on mezcal and tequila cocktails and another spot for Mexican fine dining. 
Rainbow 101, 101 North Sathorn Rd, 061-281-6969, Open Wed-Sun 6pm-midnight