Mahanakhon, local brewers of lagers, white ales, and pale ales, proponents of bold sans serif fonts and eye-catching two-tone cans, have released a couple new beers on the market.
The brand’s white IPA offers a balanced take on the ragingly popular beer style. The addition of wheat in the grain bill gives it a touch more sweetness and body than your average IPA, and Centennial and Citra hops impart welcome bitterness and a bright, citrus aroma.
A revamped pale ale, meanwhile, offers an easy-drinking option with a malty backbone. It also boasts classic notes of pine, citrus, and stone fruit courtesy of El Dorado, Amarillo, and Columbus hops.
Think of the white IPA as a beer you might have after work, and the pale ale as one you might have during long online meetings (video off, mute on) while you’re still working from home. 
Both beers, currently available at Tops locations nationwide, are deliciously priced—the white IPA is only B99 (490ml) and the pale ale is B89 (330ml). Co-founder Avi Yashaya says Mahanakhon hopes to expand its retail footprint this year, too, with the goal of getting the beers on more shelves around Thailand.