The Bar at The House on Sathorn is often forgotten by Sathorn cocktail drinkers, but this new menu is putting the space on the map again.
The new cocktail menu is inspired by the four different eras of The House on Sathorn, with four cocktails and a mocktail—plus a couple of snacks inspired by each era.
Starting from The Present, a good drink from this era is the The Secret Room (bourbon, signature starry night tea by TWG, coconut essence, and cacao bitters, B450); it’s super punchy with bourbon, but the coconut essence really smooths it out. This is the perfect drink for a coconut oil fan. 
Then there’s the era of Embassy Row, when The House served as a Russian embassy. Try The Envoy (Tanqueray Flor De Sevilla Gin, citrus, strawberry Oleo saccharum cordial, Perrier Original, B380). It’s even served in a Russian doll. The next two eras are the Hotel Royal when The House was an ultra-luxurious hotel in the 1920s, and the last one, History of Sathorn, where everything started in 1889.
The bar was recently joined by Francesco Moretti, previously at Sinnerman, who started his training at Michelin-starred chef Jean-Claude Brugel's Sea Lounge in Monaco when he was 18 and has been mixing drinks all over Europe, America, and Asia ever since.
If you loved his drinks at the late Vogue Lounge, you have to visit The Bar as they have a lot in common. Moretti’s easy-drinking cocktails often have floral notes, but for those who drink spirit-forward cocktails, they are spot-on and smooth.
The House on Sathorn, 106 Sathorn Rd., 02-344-4025. Open Wed-Sun 2:30pm-midnight