The Bar at The House on Sathorn

The House on Sathorn's signature bar is focused on personalized cocktails.

The buzz: Following three years of renovations, the standalone colonial house next to W Hotel, The House on Sathorn, has been one of the city's biggest drinking and dining openings of 2015. The restaurant The Dining Room opened back in July, followed by the outdoor terrace dubbed The Courtyard. Now it's the time for The Bar, situated on the right wing of the house.          

The decor: Just like The Dining Room, The Bar retains much of the building's original structure and colonial markers, with dark wood and leather adding something of a gentlemen's club vibe.   

The drinks: The bar is led by Italian mixologist Michele Montauti, a relative fresh face who used to work at J. Boroski. You might be able to tell from his previous experience that Montauti specializes in personalized cocktails. But if you’re not really sure where to begin, there are five signature cocktails based on five different spirits. For gin fans, The Garden (B420) is an aromatic and refreshing choice made with Tanqueray gin that's been infused with chrysanthemum and thyme, mixed with chamomile tea, lime juice and rosemary-infused syrup before being neatly garnished with lemon peel, a slice of cucumber, burnt rosemary and a dash of Angostura bitter. Another pick is Diva (B420), a short drink that mixes Belvedere vodka with Patron orange liqueur, lime juice, coconut juice, and rose and jasmine-infused syrup. Montauti adds egg white for some extra fizz to the texture, before garnishing the drink with white foam topped with rose petals and roselle hibiscus powder.                                   

The food: The bar food is completely differebt from what's served at The Dining Room or The Courtyard. Here, you’ll find bite-sized offerings like sweet corn tempura with baby shrimp (B220) and chicken liver mousse served with grilled rye bread and pear chutney (B325).

Venue Details
Address: The Bar at The House on Sathorn, The House on Sathorn, 106 Sathorn Rd., Bangkok,
Phone: 02-344-4025
Area: Sathorn
Open since: July, 2015
Opening hours: Fri-Sat noon-1pm; Sun-Thu noon-midnight
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