Those views don't come for free.

All prices are for a small bottle of Singha unless otherwise stated. 


Penthouse (Park Hyatt), B140

Pros: The service and how stunning the venue is make it really worth the prices.

Cons: Layout of the building is a bit confusing. You have to switch at least two elevators.


Attitude (Avani Riverside), B180

Pros: Amazing venue with river views and a big swimming pool inside.

Cons: A bit difficult to get to, and the menu isn't that exciting.



Hi-So (So Sofitel), B250

Pros: Views of Lumpini Park with tall building surrounding it.

Cons: Doesn't open until after sunset (and downstairs' Park Society doesn't have enough seats with views).



Octave (Marriott Suhumvit), B250

Pros: The only proper rooftop bar around Thonglor.

Cons: The crowd is a mix between Thonglor hi-sos and clueless tourists.



A Bar (Marriott Marquis), B265 (Chalawan Pale Ale, A Bar’s cheapest beer)

Pros: Really good drinks menu compared to most rooftop bars.

Cons: No standard local beers like Chang or Singha.



Threesixty (Millennium Hilton), B300

Pros: River views looking into the city.

Cons: Too pricey and too far from the BTS.



Red Sky (Centara Grand), B320

Pros: Amazing views in all directions plus excellent food.

Cons: The prices and it's usually packed with tourists.



Vertigo and Moon Bar (Banyan Tree), B360

Pros: It's in the middle of Sathorn.

Cons: The feeling that you're at a tourist trap.