This is why we can't have nice things.

The automatic beer-pouring machine that went viral on Facebook this week appears to have run afoul of the law. 

On Monday (Oct 2), the Facebook page Thai smile posted a video of a machine that automatically pours Leo beer into a tilted glass to guarantee the perfect head of froth.

Posted with the caption “7-11 is also coming on strong,” the video (watch it below) promptly went viral accruing over 17,000 shares and thousands of comments asking about the machine's whereabouts. 

Yesterday (Oct 4), however, Prachachat reported that the Department of Disease Control (DDC) was summoned to investigate a "convenience store in Chinatown" following several complaints about the said beer-pouring machine.

Quite why the DDC was called in, we're not sure. As the machine still requires you to pay a shop clerk, it doesn't appear to break the Alcohol Control Act's rules against selling alcohol via a vending maching.  

Instead, it appears the machine's Leo logos are at fault for infringing the law that bans advertisement of drinking. So, in order to keep selling the beer from the machine, the shop has had to cover it up with a big white cloth (see below).

Know which branch of 7-Eleven this magnificent machine is located at? Leave a comment below!

Watch the viral video below:

Here's the Prachachat news story: