Beer yoga, the Berlin-born activity that launched in Bangkok last month, may actually be illegal to practice in Thailand. 

In a statement made to VoiceTV on Apr 28, the Thai Ministry of Public Health said beer yoga is "illegal" as it's a "subtle advertisment" for alcoholic beverages that has nothing to do with being healthy.

According to the same news piece, the ministry has already reported Bangkok's beer yoga organizers to police who will conduct investigations. 

We reached out to Xyze, organizers of beer yoga events at Ommo Studios (Mar 25) and Wishbeer (Apr 22), but a member told us they're currently unwilling to make a public statement. However, they did confirm they have put a lawyer onto the case and also that Xyze's third beer yoga event is still set to happen sometime in June. 

Started in Berlin around two years ago, beer yoga (or bieryoga) is exactly what it sounds like: finding inner peace through the body-contorting stretches of yoga and the refreshing taste of an ice-cold beer. 

While the health benefits of beer yoga are doubtful at best, we can't help but think this is another knee-jerk reaction from the authorities, who surely have cases of higher priority to attend to. Stay tuned to BK for updates. 

Watch our video of Bangkok's first beer yoga event: