Bangkok’s craft beer scene is making the move from illegal underworld business to above-board cottage industry. How? By brewing their beers abroad and importing them back to Thailand. From a handful of names wise to the trick in 2016, the scene has now exploded, with niche local breweries now so popular that you’ll even find them stocked in Family Mart. The list of the city’s top craft brewers keeps getting longer, so if you’re not on the list and you brew your own beer, send us a message at 


They produce three different styles: Goldilocks Blonde, Hunter’s IPA, Gorilla Stout, Jackal Pale Ale and Summer Snow Champagne Ale. They also have their own taproom (1154 Sukhumwit Soi 22). 
Brewed in Taiwan


Along with their most-common beer, a pale ale with a pastel green and yellow label, they also make a Belgian wit and black IPA.
Brewed in Japan

Beat Brewing

Currently the only label they do is an IPA called Agogo, but keep an eye out for the upcoming Orange Wit.
Brewed in Cambodia 

Changwon Express

Ted Anh, the guy behind the craft beer bar slash Mexican-Korean fusion restaurant Changwon Express, recently released his first beer, called Asoke Pale Ale. Look out for the Chaophraya Stout coming soon. 
Brewed in South Korea

Chiang Mai

Red Truck is an easy-drinking IPA while the light-bodied Weizen draws people after a softer flavor profile.
Brewed in Laos


The Weizen IPA is full of hops and smells refreshing.
Brewed in Taiwan


A version of Belgian Wit Bier made using orange peel and coriander, with a hint of banana.
Brewed in Cambodia.


These guys are experimenting with growing hops in Thailand. Their only craft beer, served on tap, is an IPA called is IPPO. Visit them at 85/4 Tivanun-Pakkret Soi 21, Nonthaburi.
Brewed in Cambodia

Full Moon

The ubiquitous Chalawan Pale Ale is designed to be easygoing and light to suit Thailand’s tropical climate. Chatri IPA is more intense and full-bodied.
Brewed in Australia

Golden Coins 

Available in pilsner, IPA, amber ale, pale ale, stout and “cream vanilla,” this one also has its own taproom (Ekkamai Soi 10), and was one of the city’s earliest legal craft brews.  
Brewed in Vietnam

Happy New Beer 

One of Thailand’s most famous brewers alongside Stonehead, Mahanakhon and Lamzing has three labels, all of them worth a try: pilsner, white IPA and IPA.
Brewed in Australia


Unless you’re a total Bangkok craft beer newb’, you’ll already know Lamzing, especially their Sticky Mango label with its strong, love-or-hate character. They also have four other labels.
Brewed in Australia, except for the Saur Ground that’s brewed in South Korea.


Made using roasted malt, this dark lager gives off slight coffee and chocolate flavors but remains light and easy to drink.
Brewed in Cambodia.


Best known for their traditional English white ale, this label also does a harder-to-find pale ale called Ruk Sud Jai, which means love with all our heart.
Brewed in Australia 


The Mosaic IPA is full-bodied with a slightly bitter taste.
Brewed in Cambodia 


The simple, easy-to-drink lager with jasmine rice scent is one of the oldest Thai craft beers on the market.
Brewed in Cambodia


Their American-style IPA, Bang Bang, has a twist of orange-peel flavor to cut the IPA bitterness with something fresh. Also try Wheat of The Wall, a very hoppy wit bier, and look out for upcoming label Wheat Boom. 
Brewed in Taiwan

Space Craft

This brewery’s first label, Rocket, is a hoppy weizen.
Brewed in Cambodia.


This one has six labels, its best-known being a fruity cream ale called Tuk Tuk. You can now find most Stonehead labels at the Family Mart on the ground floor of Silom’s Holiday Inn.
Brewed in Cambodia


The law grad who was arrested at the beginning of 2017 for brewing craft beer at his home now serves a legal craft beer called Hustle, a Saison on draft.
Brewed in Cambodia

Triple Pearl

The Weisse Pearl label is an outstanding Belgian wit bier with a refreshing twist of orange peel and coriander flower.
Brewed in Cambodia


Three types of hops —cascade, mosaic, citras—make this brewery’s one pale ale easy to drink and good with food. It’s founder also organize the Beer Camp events.
Brewed in Cambodia