We've tasted the future. How can we ever go back?

After its automatic beer-pouring machines went viral on Facebook last week, 7-Eleven has officially called an end to its draft beer pilot program. 

The move comes after the machines attracted the attention of law enforcement, as well as protesters, who voiced concerns that their widespread presence would promote drinking. 

According to Khaosod English, 18 stores across Bangkok had been fitted with the Leo-branded machines, though they've now been pulled from the market. 

Today, CP All, the owner of 7-Elevens across the country, announced (see below) they would "discontinue the trial of selling draft beer" due to the "concern and advice we've received." 

Last week, social media went crazy over a video of a machine that automatically pours Leo beer into a tilted glass to guarantee the perfect head of froth. Following complaints, the Department of Disease Control conduced an investigation into a "convenience store in Chinatown," but declared the machines did not violate any laws. 

Despite that verdict, we're now facing a future that doesn't include buying tall glasses of frothy draft beer from Seven. How can we ever go back?