Bitter flavors are oft neglected but are the key to some truly great cocktails.
Here are four drinks that use them to brilliant effect.

Amaro Smash
Comprising smashed pineapple and amaro montenegro served up in a big glass with lots of crushed ice, this modern cocktail is a great palate cleanser.  
$14 at Sopra Cucina.

Ca Phe Sua Da #2
Mikel Mulraney, Mixologist at Ding Dong says, “Bitters and amaro add depth of flavor and bring all the ingredients in a drink together.” He uses Vietnamese coffee, VSOP cognac, amaro and agave nectar in this potent bittersweet digestif.
$21 at Ding Dong

Nin Jiom Old Fashioned
Adrian Ling, founder of Pidgin Kitchen & Bar says, “Fernet branca and angostura bitters impart a refreshing mix of herbal and botanical nuances to this unique spin on the Old Fashioned,” giving it a fresh new twist.  
$20 at Pidgin Kitchen

Topless In Church
Of this drink comprising Speyside single malt, sugar, orange zest and Mozart dark chocolate bitters, Zachariah Elias, the bartender at Suprette says, “The bitters strongly invoke the aroma and nuances of cocoa, free from the cloying sweetness of chocolate liqueurs.”
$20 at Suprette


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