German dance label Kompakt’s latest poster boy will be making his debut in town with a glitch techno set at the Super O Season pop-up gig. He talks to us about girls and God. 

The last time I got seriously drunk.. it was probably at my birthday party. Not seriously drunk, but just a little bit. It’s part of the job.

When I am sober, I.. am probably playing soccer. Or I´m asleep.

Dance music is.. a culture more than a business. 

Girls are.. diamonds’ best friends. 

God is.. something deep inside. 

I’d like to work with.. friends.

I’d like to sleep with.. common people.

Dance music is relevant because.. it makes people move.

Thomas spins Nov 30. Super O Season: The Return is on Nov 23, 30, Annex @ The Mill, 5 Jalan Kilang, $25-35 on the website and at the door.


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