Self-proclaimed unconventional party crew Spoiled Rotten are throwing a Japanese salary man-themed event, Don’t Touch My Mustache, on Sep 7 at Silom’s brand new rooftop bar Cloud 47. BK got the chance to briefly speak with the party’s star attraction, Kyoto DJ and producer Takashiro Takahashi, aka Halfby, who’s worked with artists as wide-ranging as Diana Ross, The Go! Team and Ugly Duckling.

What are you busy with at the moment?
I am currently working on music for a commercial and my new album which I plan to release in 2014. Apart from that, I want to make more mixes and also DJ more.

How would you describe your sound?
It's the "likely but unique" music that makes up our daily life.

What can we expect from your show here?
I’ve never been to Bangkok before but I’m very excited. Please expect my DJ set to incorporate a lot of live aspects all the way through to the last tune!

Your music videos for “Rodeo Machine” and “Screw the Plan” became pretty big internet memes in Japan; how do you feel about that?
That was entirely unexpected, but I found it very interesting. The videos seemed to link together Japanese animation, video games and Niconico [Japanese video-sharing network]. Since I have experience as a designer, visuals are important to me—I provide the direction for all the design aspects of Halfby.

You’ve also scored some films–can tell us some more about that?
I've worked on the score for Summer Time Machine Blues, a movie made by famous Japanese movie director Katsuyuki Motohiro. The film was based on the stage play by a theater company called Gekidan Europe Kikaku.

You’re about to play at a party called “Don’t Touch My Mustache”; have you ever tried growing a mustache?
I've never grown a beard or mustache on purpose. Mine is just stubble, anyway.

What’s the best thing about touring?
It’s fantastic simply getting inspired by the different international music scenes. These tour experiences really shape my future music projects. There’s nothing bad at all about touring.

You’ve performed at many of Japan’s big music festivals–what are your experiences?
Mmmm, nothing too crazy things in the past, but I am looking forward to having crazy experiences from now on.


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