Fancy a chocolate-infused alcoholic beverage? We suss out the best few out there.

Their Bitter Chocolate Martini ($20) is crystal clear and looks just like water, but it tastes incredible. Just an ounce each of Heavy Water vodka and white crème de cacao, finished with a dash of crème de menthe that’s stirred briefly, then strained into a martini glass ensures it isn’t too sweet or too strong. Paired with a sliver of 55 percent Valrhona chocolate, it’s perfection.

Drink Culture
Yes, it’s gorgeous to look at, but more importantly, the Chocolate Hazelnut Flambé Special ($28) is simply delectable. Much like drinking a liquid dessert, this is built for those with a sweet tooth and aren’t averse to dairy. There’s vodka, chocolate liqueur, hazelnut liqueur and a generous layer of whipped low-fat milk foam that’s been torched to form a slightly brunette coat.

Brussel Sprouts
Order yourself a bottle of tall and handsome Floris Chocolate Beer ($14) for a seriously gratifying drink. It’s creamy, slightly sweet and bursting with chocolaty goodness; you might even be tempted to skip dessert altogether. Best enjoyed chilled with a hearty dose of Brussel Sprouts’ famous mussels and free fries refills, good friends and while indulging in some mandatory people-watching.


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