One of the most groundbreaking hip hop DJs of our time, Jazzy Jeff has made a reputation based on his scratching skills, extensive collaborations, track selection and innovative production work.

In my pocket: My wallet and my Bluetooth headset.

Most annoying thing I have to encounter every day: I can’t complain. I wake up every day.

Love that job: Playing music for music lovers.

Hate that job: Putting out the trash.

Last thing that made me stop and think: Listening to people complain about life.

Listening to: Jill Scott, Jay Z, Justin

Groupies: Are people, too.

Stupidest trend: Expensive bottles of water. Are you kidding me? It’s water.

Favorite crowd: Cork, Ireland; Tokyo; Singapore.

Last lie: I wasn’t home when you called.

Fail-safe crowd pleaser: “In the Club” by 50 Cent.

People always assume I’m: Quiet and to myself.

But I’m really: Outgoing and really funny.

Best part about going on tour: Meeting people and making them have a good time.


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