A founding father of European house music, Dimitri from Paris has style, sophistication and a soft spot for the Land of Smiles.

Never leave home without: Stuff to connect to the world via internet and my music

Stupidest Trend: Too many to try to find one

Favorite audience:  A happy, smiling one

Happiest moment:  When you have that new song you love, play it for the first time and it gets the crowd crazy—magical!

All time fave song: Change feat. Luther Vandross, “The Glow of Love”

On a night out you… Stay home! I’m out so much as a DJ that I do it reverse!

Last lie: I swear it wasn’t me

Rule for life: Try to live it in style

First job: Office clerk

Idol: Sean Connery

Favorite Bangkok sound/noise: The street food vendors scrapping and banging their woks

The path to inner peace: Find yourself first, then you can find the rest

Most annoying thing I have to encounter everyday: Grumpy taxi drivers

Last thing that made me stop and think: Plastic bags, do we really need that many?

Listening to: Too many things, but always soulful and musical

Best DJ groupie story: Groupies are for rock stars; you’re knocking at the wrong door

Make them think you’re cool: Why, didn’t I yet?

Most inspirational person: Quentin Tarantino

House music never dies because: It’s disco in disguise, and there hasn’t been anything better to get your groove on

Dimitri will be showcasing his trademark style at Polly Bar (see +nightlife previous page) on Friday, Dec 22. Advanced tickets B1,000 (call 08-5917-3616) or B1,500 at the door. Doors at 9:30pm.


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