Love Julinsee

Buzz: Being set at the Big Mountain concert and having a soundtrack by Paradox would be enough to put this film on our radar without the added buzz of the trailer getting banned for showing two teenagers actually kissing (shock, horror) in this romantic comedy about first love.
In theaters: 3 March 2011
Studio: M39
Director: Chainarong Tampong and Sakol Tiachareon
Stars: Jirayu La-Ongmanee, Apinya Sakulchareonsuk, Alex Rendell, Tisanat Sornsuek, Kamolnut Chalwanitchsut, Irada Siriwut, Nutcha Chantapan and Nuttapong Piboonthanakiet
Synopsis: The Big Mountain concert is the setting for four separate stories of first love. Now and Yo are both waiting for each other to say the words “I love you”? Pla is a musician who goes to the concert to forget her former playboy boyfriends. Fon looks back to the memorable times she had with her junior at school, while best friends, Yok and Eue, realize that things have got complicated since they became a couple.


Buzz: A teen flick that originated from a final university movie project by a former Thai Airway’s steward. Intriguing enough, but this movie has now been given an added touch of polish by feel-good studio GTH, who just made B130 million from last year’s runaway hit movie Hello Stranger and yes, cute boys Jirayu and Pachorn.
In theaters: 17 March 2011
Studio: GTH
Director: Chayanop Boonprakob
Stars: Jirayu La-Ongmanee, Pachorn Jirathiwat, Natcha Nualjam, Thawatch Pornrattanaprasert
Synopsis: Ped (Jirayu), an out of touch sixth grade student, learns to love music and find love thanks to Earn, his cool classmate, only for his heart to be broken when Earn has to move away. Six years later, Earn returns with a cool look and a real musical talent as a guitarist. Ped, still a loser, decides to create his own band to win her heart.

Behind the scenes

Chayanop Boonprakob, director of Suckseed

How did this project come about?
I actually made this movie as my final project at university, though the story is totally different from the new blockbuster version. The original story is about a band who post their performance on Youtube and get a very good response until they are invited to perform at a live concert. It turns out terrible as they suck and aren’t cool like in the video clip. But despite it all there is one fan whose love and devotion sees them finally become a success. The idea is that no matter how much you suck, you can still be an inspiration for others. A sequel was then made of my film by my junior at university.
How did it become a big screen movie?
Director Keng-Jira Malikul called me in to talk about this project while I still working as a flight attendant. He talked to me and my junior who made the sequel and asked us to create a new blockbuster version of Suckseed. And yes, I quit my flight attendant job.
Was it hard to make that decision?
Yes, but this was a once-in-a-lifetime offer! There are tons of people who want to be a director but they offered this job to me. I can be a steward for the rest of my life but being a director in my own movie project? This is it.
Did you feel under pressure?
I didn’t really feel pressured because I loved every minute of making this film. This is my dream. The only tough thing is just making all the actors, who are mostly newcomers, become closer to each other because they have to be really close friends in the movie. My tactic? I brought all of them to sleep over at my house and made them play games all night.



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