Mae Nak 3D

Buzz: The 22nd remake of this well-known legend looks to offer something new with the first 3D version of the ghostly tale of love and loss.
In theaters: 20 September 2011
Studio: Bangkok Inter Group Film
Director: Pichai Noirod and Chotipan Nitiwat
Stars: Bongkot Kongmalai, Rangsiroj Panpeng
Synopsis: If you don’t know the story then we can only surmise you’ve been living under a stone. For those rock dwellers here it is again: Nak (played by the well-endowed Bongkot), a heavily pregnant woman, dies with her stillborn child while her husband, Mak, is away for war. When Mak returns, he doesn’t know that his family is dead and continues to live with Nak unaware that she is actually a ghost.

Gancore Gud

Buzz: Thailand’s most famous rapper Joey Boy makes his directorial debut with Gancore Gud, which also happens to feature all the members of Gancore Club getting stuck on an island. Horror, hip hop and girls in bikinis—sounds like a teenage boy’s wet dream.
In theaters: June 2011
Studio: Phranakorn Film
Director: Apisit Opas-iamlikit aka Joey Boy
Stars: Joey Boy and the Club members
Synopsis: Joey Boy and his Gancore Club play a group of musicians on tour who find themselves stuck on an island inhabited by a host of scary creatures from zombies to mermaids.

Ladda Land

Buzz: Based on a famous real life ghost story about a housing development in Chiang Mai which was eventually abandoned as a creepy wasteland due to a series of deaths and some spooky goings on. Directed by horror pro Sopon Sakdapisit (Coming Soon) and starring Nuvo guitarist Saharat, we just feel this could end up being another Shutter.
In theaters: April 2011
Studio: GTH
Director: Sopon Sakdapisit
Stars: Saharat Sankhprija, Piyathida Woramusik
Synopsis: Thee (Saharat), a harassed office employee, looks to escape the nagging of his wife’s family by moving to Chiang Mai and buying a house at new development Ladda Land. This perfect new life doesn’t last long as the house’s bloody past leads to some terrifying encounters.

Behind the Scenes

Apisit Opas-iamlikit aka Joey Boy, director of Gancore Gud

What inspired you to make this film?
I’m a big fan of zombie films with my favorites being Dawn of the Dead and The Evil Dead. Ghosts for me just aren’t scary. I wouldn’t say that the creatures in my film are zombies, they’re just from the same genre as zombies. I wouldn’t exactly say it’s a horror movie either. It’s really hard to define, but I guess I would label it a black comedy. There are elements of comedy in the film, but if you imagine yourself as one of the characters in the film, then you’ll realize that the things that are happening to them are not funny at all.
From rapper to director, what was the biggest challenge?
It’s a bit harder taking on all of the roles myself. It’s simpler for me as an actor because I’m just playing myself. The hardest part about being the director is being in charge of the production and operational aspects of the film. It’s my directorial debut, so there are a lot of challenges. It’s not just about me anymore. Now I have to also manage a very large team of people. I’m lucky to have an excellent team to help me out.
Were there any specific challenges that you faced during the production that you’ve never encountered before?
Yes, many. The film was set in a forest, so I was there every day. It’s always raining there, with bugs and everything, so it was quite torturous. The film also turned out to have more action sequences than I had originally planned. Sometimes I would cuss myself for writing such a difficult scene. At first, it was just good times you know, throw in some babes in bikinis into some scenes, that sort of thing. But as it goes on, there are just more and more scenes that are just utterly brutal.



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