As his new movie, Lood Si Lood, hits theaters, Pakorn “Boy” Chatborirak opens up about his shy side and how he can also act ugly.

I loved to play eccentrically as a child, like wrestling with my brother.
I once fell into a two meter deep drain. I had tried to jump over but didn’t make it. My mom beat me so hard after I was rescued, because I could have died. I was lucky it wasn’t full of water.

My friends weren’t nerds like others might think. I think 80% of Assumption School students play hard and study hard as well.

I thought they all just played hard so I copied them. It turned out my grades dropped but theirs didn’t. I eventually realized they went home to study, while I didn’t.

I didn’t know what I wanted to be. I thought I might study accounting or engineering but I felt they weren’t cool because everyone flocked to do them.

I followed my mom’s suggestion to study pharmacology because our relatives own a drug store and it’s pretty stable. I was able to get into Srinakharinwirot University but it was too far to travel, so I dropped out and entered Chulalongkorn the next year.

Studying pharmacology made me scared of education. It was really hard, especially the exams. It’s all about remembering stuff. It nearly blew my head. I don’t want to study anything

My friends at school always threw some extracurricular work at me like stage plays. Most of them were ugly roles that no one else dared to take.

I am not always good looking. I always play dirty or act pervy with close friends (like Alex Rendell), pinching their nipples or prodding their asses. I also have a dirty mouth.

I remember the money from my first modeling job was a really huge sum. It was about B18,000, compared to the B4,000 monthly allowance I got from my parents.

The work dried up so I began looking for a job at some pharmacy companies. That was before I took off my teeth braces. Then the work started to pour in again so I decided to give the entertainment industry a try.

The hardest thing about being an actor is to be that character completely. I was lucky that I was trained by tough directors like Piak-Pisan Akkaraseranee and Off-Pongpat Washirabanjong.

I thought celebrities were special and hard to approach before I became an actor. In fact, we’re just normal like everyone else.

I try not to let my career affect my private life. I still do what I used to do, like eat at noodle stalls in front of gas stations.

Don’t be fooled by the fame—that is the best way to balance your life.

I don’t like to go to dinner with strangers because that first meal is never tasty.

I am afraid to get to know new people because of my shyness. When I first went to Channel 3, people might have thought I was conceited but I was just too scared to talk because I might say something stupid.

Once others approach me I will talk to them openly. After just a couple of conversations I know whether this person is someone I can make friends with or not.

The best thing about love is being with someone for a long time and being honest to each other.
I play an ambitious guy in my new movie Lood See Lood. He uses his friends to be successful but doesn’t realize that the happiness he has is fake. That kind of person isn’t loved.

I don’t have big dreams. I just want to be successful and have a good life. I don’t know how to evaluate my success.

Success is not only in work but also in life and family. Now I am planning to open a pharmacy with my mom. My education would be useless if I didn’t.

There are lots of things still to happen. I have only travelled one third of my life journey. Now I am interested in behind the scenes work. I love to see the way they make films or soaps. I hope I can be a director some day.


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