With the film Love Julinsee hitting the theaters, we speak to the young actress Monchanok “Mo” Saengchaipiengpen, who plays the female lead opposite heartthrob Kao Jirayu. She tells us how she isn’t partial to friends becoming boyfriends and about her dreams of becoming a chef.

BK: As a child, what did you want to be?
I dreamed of being a flight attendant because they looked so pretty walking along the plane and seemed to not work too hard. But when I grew up and saw the reality of their job, I knew that I couldn’t be one of them. I couldn’t possibly tolerate bad passengers. I would have a fight with them.

BK: How did you break into acting?
A modeling agency took my picture when they saw me with my friend one day. Then they called me to audition for a TV commercial and I got it right away. Anyway, I don’t like to do commercials because I don’t like to go to castings. It takes up so much time. So I ended up being in some music video instead.

BK: How did you become involved in Love Julinsee?
I did a music video that was also directed by Chainarong “Kay” Tampong, so he asked me to join the cast when he got this film.

BK: Tell us about your character.
I portray Eue, a girl who falls in love with her close friend (played by Jirayu “Kao” La-ongmanee) but things getting complicated after they become a couple. They can’t talk the way they did before.

BK: Have you experienced that in real life?
Never. I don’t like to date friends. I used to see a lot of cases among my own friends who fall in love with each other, but it’s really awkward for all the other friends when they break up. It’s like we have to take sides.

BK: So you don’t believe that friendship should become love?
I think friendships are much longer relationships than romantic ones. I would care more about a friend than just someone who comes and flirts with me because with the latter, you have to go your separate ways when you break up.

BK: The movie trailer was banned because of a shot of teenagers kissing. What do you think about that?
I’m okay with that sort of depiction, but in Thai culture, it’s considered inappropriate. Teenage kissing isn’t especially appropriate even in Western countries, but in Thailand, it isn’t appropriate at any age.

BK: How do you like working in show biz?
I was surprised that most actors and actresses aren’t at all snobby. Like Kao; he’s so funky. The other thing that I learned is that there are no true allies and lasting enemies. It’s all about the money.

BK: What are your plans for the future?
I want to finish my coursework at Srinakharinwirot University first, then follow my dream of becoming a chef. I love cooking so much. I love to see how happy people are when they eat my food.


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