He seems to have been away from the silver screen for years, but now Sunny Suwanmethanon, 32, is back in two new films, Seven Something and Shambhala. He opens up about his family problems, explains why acting is his one great passion and puts forward his argument against marriage.

I never had a goal in life as a child. I just went to school in order to graduate to please my parents and fulfill my duties as their son.

I hate math. It just makes no sense to me. That’s basically why I chose to study communication arts—so I didn’t have to bother with math.

I couldn’t get a proper job after graduating. I got bored easily so I changed jobs a lot. But I was lucky to earn money from being a model and playing music at night with my friend’s band, Kingkong Project.

I even got bored playing music every night. Everything is the same. People are there to get drunk. It’s just not a thing that I love to do.

One day an agency contacted me about a movie role. I rejected it at first because I knew nothing about acting, but they kept calling so I decided to go along and prove that I wasn’t up to it. But they loved me and I landed my first role as Kai Yoi in Dear Daganda (2005).

Acting is the only thing I don’t get bored with. It puts a spark in my life. It’s always exciting planning how to bring a role to life.

I try to base my acting on human behavior. Donald Duck is my favorite cartoon character because I feel he is a realistic portrayal of humanity. He’s not a bad guy but he does have his bad sides. I have many things in common with him—I can be grumpy, bad-tempered and stubborn.

I’m interested in writing screenplays and directing short films. My seniors at GTH have given me the opportunity to explore these sorts of projects.

Thai films like Shambhala are rare. It looks at the great journey of life by tracing a journey to Shambhala [in Buddhist tradition, a mythical kingdom in Tibet]. Most Thai dramas just keep repeating stereotypical plots and characters.

Filming in Tibet was really brutal. I’ve never been so cold. It was like sitting in a freezer without a blanket. It didn’t matter how many coats or sweaters I put on.

The most important part of traveling is the journey, not the destination. Traveling has opened up my mind. I love exploring and experiencing the unexpected, especially abroad. I disagree with people who just aim to work hard, save money and then retire. Enjoy life while you can.

Certain songs have more resonance when you’re sad. I used to ask myself why I felt sad. Is it really worth feeling sorry for yourself? Once you
answer these questions, you can move on.

I’ve had many low points in my life, like when my parents went bankrupt or when I felt I was being ignored by them. We never had much communication in my family, and it pissed me off to be the one who had to solve the problems all the time because we didn’t talk openly. But I’m happy that we’re much closer now.

I’ll never think of myself as weak or a failure. I don’t use my family problems as an excuse to misbehave or become a drug addict. I think many people make trouble for themselves because they are weak-minded.

Being an atheist doesn’t mean I’m savage. I still strongly believe in goodness. I lost my faith after my family fell into crisis and there was not a single soul to help us. Self-reliance is best.

I look down on selfish and irresponsible people because they can only lead a silly life. To improve, society needs people with a solid sense of right and wrong.

When people take sides, they come up with all sorts of outrageous arguments to justify themselves. For this reason, it’s hard to solve our national conflict.

Marriage complicates our lives. Lovers should be able to be together without worrying about social norms or who owns whom. Then if they break up it’s better than divorcing. I guess I have different views and maybe that’s why I don’t have a girlfriend.

Some may say I’m quite individual but I know I’m perfectly normal. I still enjoy using the BTS, taking a cab or walking the streets to get where I want to go.

I can’t drive a car. I don’t see any reason. We’re complaining about an energy shortage, but we still have tons of cars on the road.

I love shopping at JJ market for the rare, secondhand stuff. You can get awesome T-shirts for only 40 baht. They’re not all dirty old things, some just didn’t pass QC.

Cats are the funniest animals. I don’t know why, but they always look nervous. Their poses are hilarious. I just like to watch them in action.

Life is to be enjoyed. But if you only have happiness, wouldn’t that be boring? Trouble is one of the flavors of life.

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