Trying to revive his shattered career, Rattapoom “Film” Tokhongsab, 27, returns as a leading actor in the flood-related movie, Rak-Aow-Yu. He opens up about his life after a paternity scandal with actress Annie Brook and why he thinks hitting rock bottom was actually a blessing.

My life became a mess because I rose to stardom quickly. Everything I’ve done was popular. It inflated my ego, made me think that I was the best. I didn’t listen to more experienced people in the industry.

The baby scandal in 2010 hit me really hard. It’s like I fell from the top of a mountain and into hell. I didn’t know what to do or how to recover. [Actress Annie Brook claimed he fathered her child but she refused a paternity test.]

I went to the UK to live on my own for three months. I tried to live differently and gain other life experiences. I started washing dishes in a Thai restaurant and took English classes.

I was a nobody there. I was not Film Rattapoom, the singer. It was the simple and happy life that I had never had.

It made me realize how hard it is to earn money. I earn money easily as a singer. It also made me appreciate my career in entertainment.

I promised myself I would be better if I ever got a chance at a comeback.

I am lucky. The time that I’ve had to wait [to come back] was shorter than I thought it would be. But I had to get things right and fair for everyone.

I’m pretty sure my life won’t be as bad as it used to be. And I am so grateful that I have my friends and parents.

Now I can speak with pride to those who are in pain. I can say I have faced problems and I got through them, therefore, so can you.

People don’t realize when they live happily most of the time. When they face troubles, they tend to focus on the bad instead of the positive.

I’m trying to broaden my knowledge. I am getting older. I can’t just jump on stage and dance for teenagers anymore.

I’m now learning about behind-the-scenes jobs, like being a producer or a director. I also helped write the script and co-direct my new movie, Rak-Aow-Yu.

I had the idea of making a flood-related movie when I was a volunteer during the floods. I saw people full of hope. People were coming together to help each other. I thought that it would be great if we could spread this idea that we can survive a crisis by being united.

Poj Arnon was crazy enough to help me shoot this movie when the water was everywhere. We didn’t have electricity. We didn’t have a monitor to check. Sometime cars drove so fast that our crew almost dropped camera equipment into the water. That’s why I’m so proud of it.

People deal with problems based on their attitude. Those who are always anxious are always the ones who sit and suffer. Those who are positive always find happiness, even when facing trouble. I am trying to balance both sides in me.

I won’t see myself as a successful person until I can make a certain amount of money. My parents don’t live comfortably yet. Helping them is my priority from now on.

I’m still afraid about coming back to work as a public figure. I don’t know if audiences will accept me yet. I would love to do a travel show because I love travel. I also have my tour company, Chill Out, which is still going well.

I am not afraid of falling in love but I just feel I am not ready yet. I’m still learning how to trust people. The scandal taught me to be careful about the people I let into my life. It now helps me weed out those who are not my real friends.

If I can be with someone in the future, she must be someone smart and mature enough to understand how to live with a busy guy. Some girls never understand how to live with those who don’t have much time for them.

I am thankful the 2010 scandal happened to me. It’s the most valuable experience I’ve ever had. It showed me what a fool I was.


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