The son of superstar comedian Mum Jokmok, Paytaai Wongkamalao, 18, hopes to follow in his father’s footsteps and become an actor, only not in comedies. BK chats to the young talent as he appears in his dad’s latest flick, Yam Yasothon 3, to get the inside scoop on his future plans.

Has it always been your dream to get into acting?
Growing up on sets and being surrounded by actors definitely made me want to be a part of the industry. Lights, camera and action—I know that’s where I belong. I always knew I was going to get into acting, not only because of my father and his love of cinema, but because I enjoy it personally. It’s a great, fun-filled profession.

Do you want to be the next comedy king like your father?
It’s always a great feeling when someone walks up to me and asks me if I’m Mum Jokmok’s son and takes a picture with me. I definitely want to make it bigger than my father but not in comedy. Comedies are fun to make but I guess I’m just fonder of other types of films. I am more interested in making a name for myself in action and horror films.

What are your favorite pastimes?
I like to design t-shirts as a hobby, but aside from that I’m a movie addict. I watch all sorts of films—American, French, Thai or Chinese, I watch them all. I prefer to watch movies with drama and crime-related plots. At home I am also called “Kam Phan” (Isaan name) just like in Yam Yasothorn because I keep on begging for money to splurge on movies. My all-time favorite has got to be Léon: The Professional, an English-language French action thriller.

Do you like to watch your father’s movies?
No. He is definitely my role model but I do not like to watch his movies. I prefer to see movies like Cherm (2005) and Umong Pa Mueng (2010) where he isn’t doing a comic role but instead playing a role far removed from his usual genre, such as romance or drama.

What are your future plans?
I am currently working on the release of my first hip hop mix tape. It is sort of underground because it has a lot of foul language. There will be a new rap mix every month. More than satisfying my passion for music, I want to get Thai people more acquainted with hip hop and that can only happen if Thais create good hip hop music. I really hope to be able to make this genre more popular here.

How will you manage to balance both your studies and your career?
I always make my decisions with the guidance of my family. My father helps me in doing the right thing. I have been doing private studies, thus I don’t have many friends to distract me from my goal. I’m currently completing my GED studies and will soon start my college hunt.


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