For the first time ever, leading fashion magazine ELLE is collaborating with SF Cinema to showcase classic films related to fashion. The nine specially selected films will be screened at SF Cinema at The Emporium from September 10-15 at B150 per seat.

Sep 10, 8pm. A Single Man (USA, 2009): Directed by former Gucci designer, Tom Ford; the story of George who finds it difficult to carry on with his life following his boyfriend’s sudden death.

Sep 11, 8pm. Blancanieves (Spain, 2012): A black and white silent film set in the 1920s; in a twist on the Snow White fairytale, a female bullfighter must deal with her troupe of dwarfs and an evil stepmother.

Sep 12, 8pm. I Am Love (Italy, 2009): A tragic love story set in Milan at the turn of the millennium that follows the fall of a wealthy family at the hands of a passionate love affair. Featuring costumes designed by renowned Belgian designer Raf Simons.

Sep 13, 8pm. L’Amour Fou (France, 2010): Documentary about the relationship between one of fashion’s greatest names, Yves Saint-Laurent, and his partner, Pierre Bergé.

Sep 14, 2pm. Face (Taiwan-France, 2009): Directed by Ming-liang Tsai, who travels to the Louvre in Paris to shoot a film that explores the myth of Salomé.

Sep 14, 5pm. Color Me Love (China, 2010): A small-town girl lands a job in a leading fashion magazine as an entry level editor but must deal with a spiteful boss and the ups and downs of a love affair with a painter.

Sep 14, 7.30pm. Coco Chanel and Igor Stravinsky (France, 2009): A film depicting two creative giants in an intense love affair during the year the signature Chanel No.5 was released.

Sep 15, 3pm. Heartbeats (Canada, 2010): Two friends, a gay man and a straight woman, fall for the same man, putting their friendship on the line.

Sep 15, 8pm. Farewell My Queen (France, 2010): Set in the final days before the French Revolution, this film portrays the special relationship between Queen Marie Antoinette and one of her ladies-in-waiting.


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