The shows that opened during Art Week are ending, and we're finally recovering from last month's frenzied explosion of art. Here are five new and upcoming shows that we're looking forward to.

Visions (through Apr 7)

The artist: Francesca Leone, the impossibly glamorous and prolific daughter of the director Sergio Leone, in her Asian debut

Go if you're interested in: Beautiful but discomfitting female nudes, pain/pleasure ambiguity, tormented brushwork


Fad Democracy (Feb 27-Mar 29)

The artists: Nine contemporary Indonesian artists delve into the fertile topics of democracy, modern politics and social media

Go if you're interested in: Regional current affairs, questionable politics, technology


Portrait of a Blind Artist Obscured by Flowers (Mar 7-Apr 11)

The artist: Ryan Gander, a disabled English artist who creates conceptual pieces using a curious variety of materials

Go if you're interested in: Visual puzzles, deadpan humor, conceptual art that's actually accessible


Kim Joon and Hosook Kang (Mar 10-May 10)

The artists: Hosook Kang paints radiant abstractions of nature, while Kim Joon is sort of the enfant terrible of Korean contemporary artists, whose works are very informed by counterculture and graphic design

Go if you're interested in: Naked ladies, streetwear, girls with tattoos, flowers, intricate painting techniques


Moyang (Mar 19-29)

The artist: Up-and-coming Singaporean painter Fyerool Darma, who exhibits provocative, cut-up paintings that visually reference the pre-colonial Malay Archipelago

Go if you're interested in: Postcolonialism, post-structuralism and other -isms