Five killer gigs coming up in Bangkok this week

Blue Share

RECORD LABEL: Tigger Twins 

Who? Chaowalek Srangtuk, co-founder of Bangkok’s first independent record label Smallroom Records, started this new imprint with the aim of promoting new local talents. To do so, he has teamed up with You Saranyou (director of Last Summer and Gao Wat), plus other Smallroom artists like Rangsan “Build” Panyajai (ex-vocalist of LemonSoup) and Patjapong “Gub” Suphachaicharoen (guitarist of Jida).        
What? Pop music. The label has already signed three bands, each with slightly different takes on hook-driven pop: pretty electro-pop from Namwhan, folk-pop from Synth and retro-pop from five-piece Blue Shade (previously Spoonfulz). The label has released the three artists’ singles on its first EP, Sua Rong Dai. In particular, Spoonfulz’ “The Quiet One” stands out—sweet, very catchy and with hints of Tattoo Color. 
“Producing your own music has never been so easy. Everyone can do it. That means there’s so much new stuff to listen to. But, somehow, this ease of production means some people forget what really makes a song; for me, that’s the lyrics and the music. Some people only do what they consider is cool. The more you think it’s easy, the more potential you’ll do it the wrong way.” Rangsan Panyajai, music producer at Tigger Twins   


Jelly Rocket


Who? Octave is a collaboration project between four unsigned bands initiated by the guy behind the band White Light and organizer of P.A.S.T live music events. They tell us they will be teaming up for more gigs in the next few months, starting with November’s Noise Market.  
What? Dream-pop. Of the four bands involved, Stoondio and Moving and Cut do airy acoustic pop, while White Light is considerably noisier. Electro-rockers Jelly Rocket are our pick of the bunch, with two infectious ditties thus far, “How Long” and “Stay.” 
“2014 has seen a lot of local independent artists come out with great projects. It’s almost like we’ve returned to the golden alternative era of the 90s, but with more diversity, everything from folk to shoegaze and post-rock. I believe these kids will be the ones who push our music scene forward in the next 10-20 years.” Engkarn Phon-Pho, founder of Octave


Cut the Crab

RECORD LABEL: Box Records 

Who? Founded by Sumate Kittanasopa, aka Yaak Lab, and music producers Pathompol Janintr (Nudsko) and Jaturapatr Petcharanont (Tatexpression), Box Records has been around for about a year, after it launched with Yaak Lab’s super-popular single “Sakod Jai” featuring Yellow Fang’s Preawa. They’re now back in the spotlight having produced for exciting electronic three-piece Cut the Crab, whose latest single “Mai Mee Kam Tob” hints at a more pop-friendly direction.       
What? EDM. We loved Yaak Lab’s “Sa Kod Jai” and its blend of electro-pop with vintage synths, and that seems to be the label’s signature style, as heard in Cut the Crab’s latest single. Also watch out for Headchef, whose debut single reveals a trippy, down-tempo sound.  
“The Thai music scene has exploded these past two years. Now we have a lot of good bands; one of my favorite labels is Minimal Records from Chiang Mai—amazing. This is how it should be, we should know more about the different scenes around the country. Not everything takes place in Bangkok. Check out Minimal Records’ post-rock band Sapab Supab and you’ll know what I’m talking about.” Sumate Kittanasopa, founder of Box Records