7-Eleven Thailand's teacher tearjerker cracks global top 10. 

A Thai ad has been named among the most viral videos of 2016. 

Released back in January, 7-Eleven Thailand's 9-minute-long ad titled "Teachers" ranked no. 10 in video ad tech company Unruly's top 20 viral ads of 2016, as reported by Adweek

Focused on virality, Unruly's rankings are based on the number of shares that ads on Facebook and YouTube attracted rather than just plays. 

7-Eleven's video, which has reached nearly 800,000 shares, tells the emotional story of a school principal who fights to save her school after its future is threatened by property developers, based on the life and work of Mom Rajawongse Rujisamorn (MR) Rujisamorn Sukhsvasti. The story ends with her on her deathbed years later when ex-students visit her home to honor her. 

Other ads that made it onto this year's list come from around the world and include Nintendo's "First Look at Nintendo Switch," Nike's "The Switch" and Doritos' "Ultrasound" among others. Ranking at no. 1 is the British department store John Lewis' annual Christmas ad, this year dubbed "#BusterTheBoxer." 

As for 7-Eleven's ad, we're still unsure whether it's good advertising or just an irrelevant tearjerker. You be the judge: