On Mar 7 and 8, the Thai Social Enterprise Office will be hosting the Social Change Film Festival at Terminal 21, as part of their Social Enterprise Week event. The films screened at the festival will be focused on raising awareness of various global issues facing the modern world. Five films have been selected to be screened at the festival, including:

No Impact Man (directed by Laura Gabbert, Justin Schein)

This documentary follows the life of author Colin Beavan, who decided to limit his impact on the environment by giving up all the conveniences of modern life, such as electricity, gas-fueled transportation, shipped food and automated waste disposal. The documentary will also focus on the toll Beavan’s decision takes on his wife and son, and how they eventually grow closer together.

Just Eat It (directed by Gary Hustwit)

Two filmmakers look into the problem of wasted food, which causes billions of dollars’ worth of problems for the US. The two decide to stop eating food from stores, instead relying only on food items that are about to go bad.

Urbanized (directed by Gary Hustwit)

The documentary follows the many instances of quality city-living, such as the bicycle city in Colombia and the High Line, New York’s famous elevated park. The documentary aims to explore people’s thoughts and ideas about modern cities, and how they can be improved to fit the needs of the future.

Time as Money (directed by Lenore Eklund)

Civil rights lawyer and speech writer Edgar Cahn came up with the idea of Time Banking, where people in a community help each other out for “Time Dollars,” which can be redeemed for another community member’s help on anything. The concept became widely popular, with new time banks created every day.

The Missing Piece (directed by Patana Chirawong)

This documentary within a documentary chronicles the efforts of a group of disabled Thai citizens who came together to produce a short film of their own in the hopes of making other people see that they are normal people too.

Entry is free. Films will be screened in their native languages, with English and/or Thai subtitles. Reserve seats online at goo.gl/forms/Zt1FkGDtmx. For more information, visit www.fb.com/SocialChangeFF