This April marks the 40th year since the fall of the Cambodian capital, and the rise of the Khmer Rouge regime, the Communist Party of Kampuchea led by Pol Pot, which ruled the country from 1975 to 1979. 

Under the deadly regime, almost two million Cambodians died from arbitrary executions, starvation due to the regime's attempt to create an agrarian-based communist society, and sickness from treatable diseases like malaria, in just under four years. This was nearly a quarter of the country's population. 

French photo-reporter Roland Neveu was one of the few who recorded images of the darkest days in Cambodia's history. The redesigned version of the photobook by the same title, updated from the 2008 edition, will be available for sale at the exhibition for the price of B1,250. 

The opening of the exhibition also coincides with the Silom/Charoenkrung Gallery-Hopping evening, where galleries in the area stay open till late. 

The Fall of Phnom Penh runs from Apr 24-May 24

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