Open-air screenings of experimental cinema from home and abroad, including an encore showing of My Buddha is Punk.  

This Jun 3-4 sees The Bangkok Underground Film Festival return once more to the lush grounds of Museum Siam as part of Noise Market 6.

Started in 2015, the festival aims aims to provide a platform for independent, emerging filmmakers across across a variety of genres including documentary, drama, video art, animation, experimental and feature film.

Saturday Jun 3, from 7pm, will be dedicated to a people’s choice selection from the film festival's previous event in February, showcasing 10 outstanding short films and experimental works from Thailand, Estonia, Australia, Canada, Colombia and the US. This night will also feature a premiere of rising Thai filmmaker Beam Wong’s new experimental science fiction short Flummoxed Cocoon.

The next night (Jun 4) will see a special screening of My Buddha is Punk, Andreas Hartmann's confronting documentary about the cross-section of punk and Buddhism in Myanmar that made its Asian premiere at the last event. Screening starts 8pm. 

Now in its sixth installment, Noise Market returns under the concept of "Precycle," encouraging festival-goers to produce the least amount of trash possible. Expect to find stalls selling crafts, CDs and music-related paraphernalia, food and drink. 

All films screened with Thai and English subtitles. Take a closer look at the film festival's highlights below:

Flummoxed Cocoon (Thailand)

A 28-minute film by Beam Wong that follows the story of a songwriter transforming into a cocoon. By trying to cure himself through writing songs he also brings a girl into existence.

My Buddha Is Punk (Germany)

Directed by Andreas Hartmann. The story of Kyaw Kyaw, the lead singer of the Burmese punk band Rebel Riot and activist against authoritarianism, racism and the persecution of ethnic minorities in Myanmar, who spreads the message that punk music and Buddhism can exist in harmony. 

Confrontational Electroencephalographic Re-Programming (USA)

An experimental video short of John Franklin Aldridge that explores Joseph Nechvatal’s Cybism theory and the possibilities of rhizomatic communication through a live brainwaves experiment. 

Every Little Thing’s Gonna Be Alright (Thailand)

Inspired by the rapid growth of the technology, Natthapohn Sukhuprakan's short film explores digital addiction across different generations.



Ghost (Thailand / Estonia)

This ecological criticism in the form of a documentary follows the journey of Thai guy who regularly travels to Northern Thailand but is warned by the locals of an evil spirit. 

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