Rachakorn Jaroensuk or Emy, 22, is a singer whose debut album is soon to be released. While she may be described as “beautiful”, “fabulous” and “unforeseen,” don’t let her charming way fool you. Stay poised and listen to her secret–“I am not an authentic girl” she says. Looking at her, it may take a while to accept this.

You studied gems and jewelry science at Srinakha-rinwirot University. Why did you choose this major?
I’ve always loved things that glitter, and nothing is more pleasant than studying what we enjoy, right? Even though I’m not into the designing that much, I love getting involved with the tough production works such as faceting the gems and producing the gem casing.

If you were a gem, what would you be?
A diamond is too precious and I’m unworthy of its “forever” image. Black Sapphire signifies me better. It’s a rare stone and people generally overlook its value.

Tell us a briefly of your past experience.
I discovered my skill for composition while working on soundtracks for student plays at Chulalongkorn University. I then joined the “Write Your First Song” workshop at GMM Grammy, which I completed with only 15 other people out of an initial class of over 300.

Why didn’t you continue working as a song composer at GMM Grammy?
At that moment, I was very worried about my studies. Moreover, I truly needed a break after composing the songs all day and night for three months. But soon, I started to remember a long forgotten dream that I wanted to be a singer, and luckily I was chosen to participate in the final round of the 2005 Miss Tiffany’s Universe Contest.

What did you learn from that?
Friendship is the one and only answer, even though others may think these are just fake, stupid words. Above all, I learned to be more determined in my life. I saw lots of people who never stopped following their dream until they stood at the front of the stage, no matter how many obstacles they had to pass. I honestly learned a lot from their determination and it heated the fire within me

What’s your take on being transsexual?
I was mistakenly born into a world that has only two gender choices, and I cannot be classified by either of them. It has always driven me to be more inspired and creative than others.

Do you ever regret being like this or would you prefer to be straight?
Why should I regret it? Not everyone can have a dramatic life like mine. I would think that people would be jealous of me seeing as my life is less ordinary than most!


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