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1. Money Dog


2. Saying no to to the little boy who always rallies so hard for you to buy his candy...


3. But then buying his candy anyway, because he's just so darn persistent. 


4. Wanting to beat yourself up upon realizing that you've been buying roti from the vendor parked right underneath the BTS exit... 

Who also happens to be the little boy's dad. 


5. Enjoying your somtam and ice-cold beer on this driveway...


6. Then suddenly a car comes and it's a 45-second #evacuationnation.

But you're not allowed to be mad because, bless their hearts, they let everyone eat on their driveway.


7. And when those same folks are home, lowering your conversation volumes so the vendors don't get in trouble.


8. The guys running the kebab trucks and their semi-permanent grins.

Who have, by the way, moved into the Sutti Mansion compound, tucked inside the same alleyway as the mango sticky rice and pad Thai masters.


9. Going to the khao soy shop-house to find it either closed or full of people.


10. Watching this Korean food vendor getting hit on by one white guy after another.

I mean, who wouldn't? She's such a sweetheart (and a good cook to boot!).


11. Walking down the street like you own it—because pedestrians actually do, after 5pm.


12. The Daniel Thaiger truck, and their cheesy specials you can't get at Game Over.

Credit: Kin Mekunwattana 

Oh wait, it already did the the early skedaddle. #sadtimes


13. Holding your bladder after having one too many beers, because well... where's a clean bathroom?


14. Strutting down this alleyway craving a hearty pad Thai and tom yum goong... only to find that all four tables are full.

Credit: Johan Fatenberg


15. Getting swarmed by five different vendors and their menus whenever you come to eat here.

Credit: Madeleine Deaton


But most of all, we'll all miss having the buoyant street food hub as an option when we're craving something tasty, quick and convenient at all hours of the night.