1. You woke up to this every morning.

#throwback to Chao Khun Thong everyday before school

2. Or this every Saturday...

or P'Nut & P'Nan's Disney Club on Ch.7

Wait... Are you thinking what I'm thinking? 

Bananas in Pyjamas on Ch.7 after the news!


3. You had to hide from school administrators because your new haircut was either too long or too short or too stylish.

Hair not super krean or earlobe-length? You better run!

4. You'd secretly read this behind your textbooks during English class. 


5. You friends can predict your future with this...

and this...

Wait, so I'm going to marry a millionaire but drive a saleng


6. Whenever you had a break, you'd play... mark kep

Jump elastic ropes 

Yuki-Oh cards 

And paper dolls 


7. You were so excited when you saw this outside the school cafeteria.

Miss, may i have another free sample? I promise I'll tell my mom to buy some #freeMilo.


8. After school, you'd buy these snacks...

and these...

And this chocolate sold at 7-Eleven 


9. You could blow the biggest scientific balloons, thanks to that aunty's shop in front of your school. 


10. The minute you got home you HAD to log into MSN to talk to your boo.

why isn't he responding?! Let me nudge him again.


11. You'd spend hours pimping your hi5 profile page and rearranging your top friends. 

myspace? Too American. "Thanks for Add na krub :D"  


12. When you went out to the mall on weekends, your outfit looked like this.

And still does today. '90s revival, am i right?


13. And the only thing you looked forward to was this...

You love it so much you even had one if these at home... 


14. You and your mates would end up taking U-smile photoshoots.

Stop stop, you gotta give me more props.


15. On the way home, you'd beg your parents for a pair of these. 

Though trying to walk/skate on them proved to difficult... 


16. You still remember P'Bird as actually your P' <3 


17. D2B was bae and you still miss Big everyday :(


18.  This was your currency. 

oh, candy for B2000? Give me ten.


19. This was your favorite movie.



20. And these were your favorite lakorns. 

OMGGGG Khun Prajuk #swoon 


21. Admit it, you had this hairstyle at one point 

Boys:                                                                                                            Girls:                                                                         


22. You know all the lyrics to this song.

So how many do you know? Are you a true Thai '90s kid?