While most artists have been on a sort of forced hiatus, at least from touring, some have shaken things up. After his band Mattnimare broke up in February, Pree “Wan” Asvaraksha, the singer of the once fast-emerging indie rock band, has teamed up with his cousin Naris “Pon” Saropala to form a new group, Venn.

According to the duo, the seed for the band was planted five years ago, when the two cousins got a chance to spend time together in Khao Yai. After spending a month among the picturesque landscape, breathing in the fresh air, the two were inspired to pick up their guitars and write songs.  

Venn’s original idea is to bring along anyone who dares enough to join this journey, leaving the door open for new ideas and sounds. So while their sound might strike you as experimental folk for the time being, they aren't limiting themselves to that genre alone. 

Their first single “Howling” launched on May 7. According to Wan and Pon, the song is about someone who is lost and far from home, like a lone wolf howling for its pack that does not receive a response. The song also reflects Wan and Pon’s lives, as they didn’t spend their childhood together, but music finally reunited them.  

Check out “Howling” here: