1. While everyone is crazy about Charyl Chappuis, you know the real babe is Chanatip Songkasin, aka Messi J Thailand. 


2. Can we talk about Tanaboon Kesarat’s bad-ass goal at the final SEA Games match against Myanmar even though he’s a centerback? #MVP 


3. At dinner, you constantly check the Livescore or Goal apps so you don’t miss anything.


4. On the way home, you either listen to 99FM for real-time updates or watch it live on the mini-wireless TV in your car. 


5. When the game is on, you update your Facebook status every two minutes because there are JUST TOO MANY THINGS HAPPENING.


6. You know that our girls are AMAZING this year, making it to the Women's World Cup finals for the first time ever. #HOLLLAAAAA  


7. You think Madame Pang is super hot too.


8. After every match, you go on YouTube to re-watch the highlights over and over again. #CantStopWontStop


9. You follow every single footballer on Instagram.


10. That moment you realize that you HAVE THE SAME BIRTHDAY AS NARUBADIN!??! He’s 20?!  #soulmates


11. And then you realize that they all have really hot girlfriends.


12. That 22-pass fifth goal against Indonesia was bomb.

I'm just gonna be over there like.. 


13. Dek-D quizzes predicting your new footballer boyfriend are probably the best thing that ever happened.


14. You were so pissed off when the official football shirts were sold out! GIVE ME MORE MERCHANDISE! 


15. And even more pissed off when they criticized Coach Zico’s English.  


16. You LOL'd so hard when Athit pulled Tanaboon’s pants down when he was accepting the gold medal.  


17. You hate it when other teams "park the bus" (defend the whole 90 minutes because they're too scared of us). 

Remember the game against Malaysia in the SEA Games? 


18. You're having withdrawal pains now the SEA Games are over.  


19. But it’s worth it because you know that the Thai national football teams are the real deal and you're proud of them no matter what.